There is no question that as parents, we are doing the best we can when it comes to raising our children. Whether you’re applying what worked for you us a child, applying what worked for your other children, reading books, or seeking advice from other sources, there’s often no stone unturned, especially in cases of behaviorally challenged children and adolescents.

But if your child’s behavior isn’t improving, and the toll on the family is mounting, it may be time to consider another approach. Traditional consequence/rewards based programs will work for some, but if a child is lacking the underlying skill to behave appropriately, they may find themselves on the short end of that deal more times than not, leading to further confrontation, frustration, and behavioral extremes.

The first goal in parent training will be to better understand your child, what they experience, how they feel and what they ultimately need. At that point, plans will be customized to address prioritized circumstances, which can then be applied to a variety of situations. Parents will also learn more about their own behaviors and the ways they may be inadvertently reinforcing the behavior they are looking to eliminate.

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