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    Borderline Personality

    Historically labeled as one of the most intractable personality disorders, individuals diagnosed with BPD are known for their emotional volatility, strained interpersonal relationships, intense fear of abandonment, aggressive outbursts, and threats of self-harm. In all likelihood, a traumatic path has led them to this painful juncture, and in all likelihood, the path forward will not be an easy one. But therapy can help uncover the mechanism by which old fears, angers and wounds are fueling current behaviors, while new experiences and revised beliefs can open the door to new way of living.

    If you are noticing ….

    • A pattern of unstable relationships
    • A tendency for opinions of others to swing from extreme to extreme
    • Severe volatility in emotions
    • A fear of getting too close to people
    • Intense anger and hatred directed at those who have wronged them
    • Evidence/history of self harm
    • Inability to tolerate criticism of any sort

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