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    Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation

    Gender identity refers to one's inner perception of their own gender. It can correlate with the individual's sexual anatomy at birth, or it can differ.  When it differs and contrasts with traditional social norms and expectations for their physical sex, it can have a profound effect on the individual's sense of identity and belonging.

    Sexual orientation refers to an individual's mental attraction, physical attraction, and sexual preference towards a specific gender. Though seemingly straightforward, many people struggle with their sexual orientation (or identity). The process of communicating these preferences to those around them, and adjusting to the resulting social/emotional dynamics can feel overwhelming. 

    How can counseling help?

    Counseling offers a confidential and safe place to talk about personal thoughts and concerns. It can also provide an accepting, nonjudgmental environment that can help facilitate the process of:

    • Identifying, clarifying, and expressing feelings
    • Drawing conclusions and making decisions
    • Communicating those decisions
    • Developing and enhancing relationships 

    If you or someone you know is struggling with either sexual orientation or gender identity, please consider calling today to start the conversation.