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    Mindfulness is being fully aware of what’s happening in the moment, right now. It can be practiced by focusing on something specific – like our sense of sight or hearing – or used to notice things as they are happening – like changes in our bodily sensations or moods.

    Considering the past and future is certainly required to participate in every day life: we have dinners to plan, classes to prepare for, experiences to learn from and calls to return. But a mindfulness practice allows us to do so with full appreciation for the reality of what is, while also recognizing when our own thoughts (assumptions, judgments, criticisms, predictions, demands etc…), are adding unnecessary suffering.

    If you…

    • Feel dragged around by your emotions
    • Often say or do things you regret later
    • End the day wondering where it went
    • Feel empty and wish life were more fulfilling
    • Feel emotionally volatile and unable to regulate yourself in an effective way

    …. an effective mindfulness practice may be the missing link. Please consider calling today to find out how to get started.