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    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is more than needing to use hand sanitizer after each meal, or preferring that your stapler to be to the right of your tape dispenser. It’s when the voice that insists you move the tape is so unrelenting, that it often tries to  convince you that something catastrophic might happen if you don’t.

    The persistence of the obsessions (thoughts), and time required to execute the compulsions (behaviors), can often compromise one’s academic, professional, social, and familial functioning. But even the most unrelenting voices can be quieted. With the proper skills and techniques, those suffering with OCD can learn to disarm the very same thoughts that once felt insurmountable.

    If you're noticing…

    • Repetitive behaviors with no apparent purpose of function
    • The inability to stop thinking about something until you engage in a particular behavior
    • Constant worry until you engage in a particular behavior
    • Significant relief when you engage in a particular behavior
    • The need for things to be a particular away, and increased levels of agitation when they are not so
    • The inability to move on if things aren't exactly as you need them to be

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