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    Trauma (physical, sexual, psychological, second hand) can alter how the brain functions, and its symptoms can include the need to be on guard, sudden panic, irritability, disrupted eating/sleeping, intrusive anxiety-ridden thoughts, depression, anger, and flashbacks. If symptoms persist and are unaddressed after a few months, the residual effects can significantly lessen the quality of life.

    The good news is that treatment is extremely effective and relatively brief. In many cases, significant relief can be experienced within a few months.

    If you have suffered a trauma and…

    • Relive traumatic events with accompanying unwanted memories, vivid images, and physical signs like sweating, palpitations, and panic attacks
    • Are hyper vigilant or easily frightened
    • Feel edgy or irritable often
    • Feel like the joy, love, and other positive emotions have been sucked from my life
    • Would like professional help to better understand and cope with previous trauma
    • Want to live an easier, happier, more connected life

    …. then trauma therapy may offer the ideal therapeutic approach for you.

    Trauma therapy combines different approaches and techniques to help lessen and even eliminate, the painful mental and physical responses raised by the memory of traumatic events. If you feel that you may benefit, please consider calling today.